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Unconditional update of "/etc/bootptab"?

I have a special use case for "bootpd" and thus a custom "/etc/bootptab".
It's only used in rare, special occasions, but when I need it, I need it.

One of those occasions occurred recently and when the expected client
machine didn't boot in a timely fashion I went investigating.

Turns out that "/etc/bootptab" had been overwritten with the default
stock version.  It was also overwritten on every machine to which I had
cloned the bootp server's "/etc" directory.

The only particular event on these machines was updating them from
9.3_STABLE to 10.0_BETA (and more recently 10.0_RC1).

Fortunately, I found a copy of my custom bootptab in a "temporary"
directory where I had stashed a copy of the server's "/etc" directory
before upgrading its system disk (about netbsd-7 timeframe).

I typically update by building a release then un-tar-ing the sets
(except "etc.tar.xz") to "/" and then running 'etcupdate' giving
"etc.tar.xz" as the source.  I don't recall being asked to approve
potential changes to "/etc/bootptab".

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