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Re: Problem seeing a cursor


On Thu, May 18, 2023 at 06:17:09PM +0000, Todd Gruhn wrote:
> I am thinking this way:
> I want to click on xterms or EMACS or FireFox.
> I want larger (and color) changed so I can see where the cursor is.

So we're talking about the X cursor, not the text cursor in Emacs or a
terminal emulator?

That's a bit tough - it is possible to change the cursor on the X background,
but each application changes the cursor when the X input is active in its
window (well, each application tells the X server to do that on behalf; this
happens without turn-around time between the processes).

For the root window (the background) and the window borders (at
least for the window manager I'm using - don't know about mwm),
you can set a bitmap for the cursor and a bitmap to mask it, see
the manpage of xsetroot. Still b/w, though.

You can edit bitmaps with bitmap(1), you can give it a size parameter to
create a bigger one than the standard size.


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