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Re: Files I cannot delete/chown/chmod as root?

> On May 18, 2023, at 12:41 PM, wrote:
>> I think the man page says flags can only be unset in single user mode.
> Yes and no...
> This unset behavior IS mentioned in secmodel_securelevel(9) [thanks Jan]
> But not that I can see in chflags(1)
> yes, I am currently at kern.securelevel=1
> I think I might be able to temporarily set
> kern.securelevel=-1 in sysctl.conf
> reboot
> Maybe disconnect from the internet while doing so?...
> strip these flags
> then return to normal operation...
> I'll need to wait until after office hours for this experiment... :)

Here is a bit from chflags(2):

     The SF_ARCHIVED, SF_IMMUTABLE, and SF_APPEND flags may only be set or
     unset by the super-user.  These flags may be set at any time, but
     normally may only be unset when the system is in single-user mode.  (See
     init(8) for details.)


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