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Re: I have tested three of my gpus with NetBSD

On Tue, 3 May 2022 18:30:42 +0300
chris greek <> wrote:

> 1) The intergrated R7 of the AMD A8 cpu
> it works but i have artifacts sometimes and everytime i try to play an
> html5 game some of the text or graphics are missing.
> 2) Radeon Pro wx2100  not compatible at all
> 3) Radeon R7 240  = its like the integrated card but with even more artifacts.
> 4) The only thing that seems to work without any problems (except acceleration)
> is the llvmpipe driver.
> Is there a gpu that can work on NetBSD i mean i like it as an
> operating system and its wayyyy faster than OpenBSD, but the Gpu
> compatibility is the only deal-breaker for me, i wish more people
> would use it so more devs would be available for it to make something
> better.
> Anyway if you know a gpu that would work without problems please let me know.
> Thank you very much for your time.
> (i'm so frustrated i really liked this OS )

Nividia GTX 1050 Ti works very well for me. We have some issues with
i915 and radeon but I haven't heard any recent complaints about the
1050. The Radeon R7 360 is OK as well for me, so I imagine the R7 240
should work too. Both with NetBSD-current. Note that neither of above
work well with NetBSD 9.

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