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Re: backward compatibility: how far can it reasonably go?

At Tue, 7 Dec 2021 20:37:26 -0800 (PST), Paul Goyette <> wrote:
Subject: Re: backward compatibility: how far can it reasonably go?
> Without looking at the details of your backtrace, the issue with
> ifconfig(8) could be related to PRs kern/54150 and/or kern/54151.

Aw, damn, my memory is too short!  Thanks for reminding me of those!

The kernel crash was IPF-related, and in my test back then I was testing
on an i386 machine, which at the time did not, IIRC (and we know what
that might mean), was not running IPF.

Anyway, the two machines I'm upgrading do need to run IPF, at least
until they are running a new OS with new pkgs.

I'm beginning to think the only way to avoid that rabbit hole in order
to get these upgrades done in the next week will be to shut them down
and do the upgrades by mounting their filesystems in their dom0s.

					Greg A. Woods <>

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