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Re: An interesting observation regarding font size and visibility

On Sat, 4 Dec 2021, Todd Gruhn wrote:

The last time I updated 'current'  I had to do
     boot -c
     disable nouveau

When Netbsd booted, I noticed that the fonts *did not* get smaller, and
remained easy to see.

Would this imply the problem is in nouveau? What about my other
hardware in general?

The DRMKMS driver will switch to the highest resolution possible
on your card, while genfb/vesafb (which is what you get if you
disable nouveau) will stay on the resolution chosen in the bootloader
(usually 1024x768), so the _same_ font may _appear_ larger or
smaller because of the resolution change.

Then, since 2 fonts (one 8x16, the other 16x32) are compiled into the
GENERIC kernel, different display drivers may choose one or the other.

You can, however, make things consistent by a) using the same resolution
in both genfb and DRMKMS and b) the same font in both.

What is it that you want done?


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