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About compat_linux

Hello All,

I am adding compat_linux (linux emulation) to my system (NetBSD 9.2).
I have a couple of questions.

The first question is this. In the manual page, it says that I need to
mount the procfs using the /etc/fstab file. But in that file I have
already an entry for the procfs as such

procfs    /proc   procfs   rw

But in the manual page for compat_linux it says that I need to do this

procfs   /emul/linux/procfs   procfs   ro,linux

It does make it readonly I believe and also changes the path to the
/proc directory. Would that be a problem?

Another question would be this. When I get information on the
suse_base package (pkg_info suse_base) It says that I should change
the tmpfs entry in the /etc/fstab from

tmpfs   /var/sh   tmpfs   rw,-m1777,-sram%25

to this

tmpfs   /emul/linux//var/sh   tmpfs   rw,-m1777

Would I need to change this, and would it cause any problems?

Although in the documentation it says that any file operations done by
linux applications will go to the /emul/linux directory first to find
the file, then look in the original location.

Would it be better to leave the fstab intact, not changing it and
running linux applications?


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