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Re: Install on Pi3

James, 2 quick suggestions:

1) Use evbarm 32-bit    try this or nyftp

2) For day-to-day use, you really want to boot/use USB.  I have a 128G USB stick, and no uSD card.  I have been burned too many times, even with quality uSD cards.  They're OK to boot with, and in fact, recommended.  But once everything works, USB boot is best (stick, or HD if you power supply is big enough).

There is some malarkey you need to do to be sure the 3+ is configured for USB boot (goog for details), but 2 of my more recent units were ready-to-go with USB boot.

There's no real advantage to 64-bit OS that I can see for RPi3.   (Although I do run aarch64 on a few RPi4 units w/8GB -- also via USB boot)

On Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 4:06 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:

James Cloos <> writes:
> i tried using:
> but all i get is a red-yellow-blue-cyan colour mesh
> on the monitor.
> Does that colour mesh imply a failed boot?

I hope somebody who knows more will help you, but yes, I believe that
implies it didn't work.

Presumably you did gunzip and then dd.   Also presumably a RPI2.1, 3, or
4, as earlier ones do not have aarch64.

You might try with no card, to see if you get the same syndrome.

> (w/out net and secsh it is impossible for me to see what is wrong...)

I would try hooking up a serial console if you have the cable.

> (I guessed that HEAD holds current.  Is that accurate?)

Yes.  Current is the logical name, and HEAD is the CVS branch

> I should note that i do not have any other bsd running, and thus no
> access to the ufs fs.

You should be able to look at the uSD contents and see a partition table
and I would expect a dos fs with boot stuff.

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