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Re: Does a full install include NetBSD and X sources?


On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 6:01 AM Bob Bernstein <> wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Sep 2021, Riza Dindir wrote:
> > Does a full install include the netbsd sources
> Yes, pretty much, sort of.
> > as well as the X sources?
> No, not so much, sort of.
> But what are you really asking? What is it, in your view, that
> either stands or falls depending upon one's definition of the
> term "full install?"
> Strictly speaking, a fully functional NetBSD system need not
> have either set of sources, but in making that observation all
> I've done is shift the focus from the meaning of the phrase
> "full install" to "fully functional."

No no. The system is fully functional. I wanted to see if the sources
were included, since one of the options in the installation procedure
was "full install" and I chose that.

You are right to ask. I was not clear enough. I had problems with the
video subsystem, which is a radeon R7 M265, which is not supported on
NetBSD. This is ok. I have disabled the radeon video card in the
boot.cfg. The system was using the default 1024x768 resolution. This
is all ok, but I know I have a resolution of 1366x768. Again I was
told that there is "gop" and sure enough it was supporting that
resolution. I also enabled "gop" in the boot.cfg file. But the fonts
change during the boot process, and I end up with a screen that is
80x25 and I have 1366x768 resolution. This is just too big for me. But
I can live with that, not much of a problem.

So I was wondering if I could configure that. I have read somewhere,
and RVP on the list pointed out that I could compile the font into the
kernel. So I was wondering, since I did a "full install" I might have
the sources. This is again not a problem.

But having had trouble with my system install (UEFI in particular,
which you can read on the list about), I did create the partitions
manually, and installed the system (full install) using the sysinst. I
was wondering if maybe in the install I missed something and did not
install the system fully. This is the long story, and the reason for
my question.

And also wanted to check the system and make sure that I am really
running a fully installed system (even if the sources are not
included, I can download these using cvs, or some other way).

> With more input from you we can escape these semantic quagmires!
> Thank you.
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Best Regards,

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