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Re: Does a full install include NetBSD and X sources?

On Sep 13,  2:00, Bob Bernstein wrote:
} On Mon, 13 Sep 2021, Riza Dindir wrote:
} > Does a full install include the netbsd sources
} Yes, pretty much, sort of.


} > as well as the X sources?
} No, not so much, sort of.

     ...and wrong.

} But what are you really asking? What is it, in your view, that 
} either stands or falls depending upon one's definition of the 
} term "full install?"

     In sysinst, the menu asking you what you want to install has
an item labelled, "Full Install".  Without further clarification,
I would expect this is what is meant, since that would be the most
natural guess.

     To answer the original poster's question, no a full install
does not include the sources.  On the "Custom Install" menu there
are check boxes for sources (both base and X); however, most install
media don't include the source sets.  You can find the sources for
everything included with NetBSD on the ftp server.  For example,
the path for the 9.2 sources is /pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-9.2/source/sets .
Extract the tar balls with "tar xpf <set> -C /".

}-- End of excerpt from Bob Bernstein

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