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Re: Modern Cyrus IMAP and Apache Guacamole on NetBSD?

Hi Carl,

On 09.09.21 05:50, Carl Brewer wrote:


Looking at pkgsrc, the version of cyrus imap seems to be pretty ancient, 2.4.20.something. I want to run a much more recent version, but don't have the skills or time to maintain anything in pkgsrc.  Has anyone here looked at, or is, running a more current version?  Maybe just compiled by hand? Any war stories?

A while ago I added version 3.0.13 to pkgsrc-wip[1] because I needed the CalDAV/CardDAV functionality. This package should currently also be buildable to evaluate it. I can help with the configuration. In the future, I would like to bring this to a newer version - 3.4.2 is now stable. I will certainly tackle this in autumn, but I am always grateful for help as I am not yet a pkgsrc expert myself and have to learn a lot from other packages ;-)

Best regards


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