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Re: tzfile

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 11:24:07AM +0000, RVP wrote:
>   For version-2-format timezone files, the above header and data are fol-
>   lowed by a second header and data, identical in format except that eight
>   bytes are used for each transition time or leap second time.

Also later:

     [..]  It also lets writers not
     supporting obsolescent readers use a tzh_timecnt of zero in the version 1
     data block to save space.

and we switched to non "-b fat" (see zic(8)) files for netbsd-9:

     -b bloat    Output backward-compatibility data as specified by bloat.  If
                 bloat is fat, generate additional data entries that work
                 around potential bugs or incompatibilities in older software,
                 such as software that mishandles the 64-bit generated data.
                 If bloat is slim, keep the output files small; this can help
                 check for the bugs and incompatibilities.  The default is
                 slim, as software that mishandles 64-bit data typically Also
                 see the -r option for another way to alter output size.

But overall: clearly a bug in gnustep, version 1 format files are obsolete.


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