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Re: backspace in wscons console sends ^H to processes

On Tue, 20 Jul 2021, Michael van Elst wrote: (Johnny Billquist) writes:

But anyway. The big point is that teletypes actually just had a key
labelled "rubout". That key did send a DEL character, though.

Backspacing on a punch tape would have come pretty unnatural. :)

N.B. I haven't actually seen a key labelled "rubout". But the editor manual
mentioned it a lot (together with "altmode" for what is nowadays known
as Escape).

Wow, now you're making me feel old. My ASR33 (I think all teletypes) had
a resistor on a plug-in board that overheated and I didn't know how to
properly maintain the connections on the board so it never worked right.
(I think the board got too hot to use regular solder.) But it had
rubout. I swore it had an AltMode key but it looks like there was an ESC
key instead.

I think I'm only a year ahead of Greg Troxel in school (whoops, just
looked it up, Dr. Troxel) but that doesn't really say anything about our

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