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Re: cgd + zfs

nia <> writes:
> > If anecdotal evidence is helpful, I'm using ZFS with CGD
> > (ZFS on GPT on CGD on GPT...) without problems and I know at least
> > one other developer is doing the same.

On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 07:23:43PM -0400, Brad Spencer wrote:
> I didn't use quite as many layers, but I tested this some time back and
> did not have any particular problems with cgd and zfs.  Swapping to a
> zvol didn't work, but cgd layered fine as I remember it.

I'm now thinking, would it make sense to do the layering the other way around, i.e. have cgd on top of a zvol?  I wonder if there would be any resilience (and possibly performance) advantage to having zfs directly access the hard drives (which, being old and bought off ebay, I don't quite trust) rather than go through cgd. 

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