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Re: Panic during shutdown on netbsd 9 i386 (Eivind Nicolay Evensen) writes:


>On an i386 which otherwise is functioning fine, I see this panic during

>--- trap (number 6) ---
>bus_space_write_2(c199a800,c,c199a800,c199a980,cb8efe4c,c089f082,c199a800,c199a800,c,1) at bus_space_write_2+0xc
>config_detach(c199a800,c,808,808,0,cb8efe8c,c011ae72,808,0,0) at config_detach+0x62

We need to find out what device c1999a800 is. It probably has a broken detach routine.
ddb and crash have a 'show devices' command that should help to identify that pointer.

>[     1,000003] uhci0: autoconfiguration error: can't map i/o space

>I could not spot what the error referenced in
>[     4,842750] WARNING: 1 error while detecting hardware; check system log.

That is the uhci error above. uhci is also a likely candidate for the crash.

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