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How to see disk I/O per process in NetBSD?

Hello, I will repost what I've wrote on reddits r/netbsd as there are no replys there, maybe here I will have more luck :)

Is there any way to see which process is doing read and writes on file system? I know iostat, but it showin summary. For example, below xbd0 which is mount point of / have some huge writes of 12 MB/s. I can't tackle it down to single process.

   tty             xbd0              xbd1              xbd2              xbd3              xbd4              xbd5             CPU
 tin  tout  KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s  us ni sy in id
   0     0 26.58  479 12.42  25.29    5 0.123  17.77   13 0.226  12.45   11 0.136  25.64   12 0.300  13.25   45 0.581   8  0 11  0 81

I need something similiar to iotop from Linux, or sorting option 'm' from FreeBSD ( top -m io -o total)

Even glances doesn't show proper I/O - everything is 0/0

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