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Private Repository

I saw the email about Local repo, which prompted me to ask my question.
I am on 9.0_RC1 building packages with pkg_comp (thank you Bob Nestor
for all  your help). All my "built" packages are in
/build/pkgsrc/packages/All. My repository.conf points there and i have
had no problems pkgin in 'whatever'. I want to make that available to
other computers on my network. For example, I have a Lenovo X200 that
I will install 9.0_RC1. I would like to point to my "personal" repo in
order to pkgin in packages.

My question is, how do I do that? Do I need my "build box" to be an
ftp server? or do I spin up a web server? Is there info on how to do

Can I use my github repository?

Any hints or links will be appreciated.

Ron Georgia
“90% of my problems are due to ignorance, the other 10% is because I
just don’t know any better.”

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