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Re: DHCP client: dhclient vs dhcpcd ?

* Benny Siegert ( wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 1:18 PM, KIRIHARA Masaharu <> wrote:
> > NetBSD has two DHCP clients; dhclient(8) and dhcpcd(8).
> > What's the difference?
> > Which is better to use?
> I agree that this is confusing. dhclient is the older tool, while
> dhcpcd has been created by a NetBSD developer, is newer and smaller. I
> have run into situations (on Google Compute Engine for instance) where
> dhclient was unable to interpret some of the more modern DHCP
> features.
> I recommend using dhcpcd :)
I did read from somewhere, dhclient is obsolete.
I think its existence nowadays is only for backward compatibility.
dhcpcd is smaller in size but higher performance and being actively developed.

more info...

Gua Chung Lim
To live is to love.

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