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Re: Is NetBSD vulnerable to modern processor flaws

In article <>,
Chuck Zmudzinski  <> wrote:
>Today news of critical vulnerabilities (for example, 
>) affecting Intel and Arm and maybe AMD processors hit the press. News 
>reports say all platforms using these chips, such as Linux, Microsoft, 
>and Apple are affected since the flaw is in hardware but the fix must be 
>made in the software operating system kernel. It has been reported that 
>Linux developers say the fix involves fundamental changes to the way the 
>Linux kernel handles virtual memory and they have been working on the 
>fix for a while (see for example, 
>). I could not tell from NetBSD security documentation if NetBSD is 
>vulnerable to these flaws or not or if work has been done in NetBSD to 
>mitigate these security flaws in the hardware that NetBSD runs on. Can 
>anyone say if NetBSD is vulnerable?

Yes, NetBSD is vulnerable on the processors affected.


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