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Re: Net neutrality changes?

Am 15. Dezember 2017 14:22:00 MEZ schrieb Andy Ruhl <>:
>I'm wondering if anyone has seen any changes since the net neutrality
>The one I can connect to from the internet is my own. My ISP has a
>statement that I read as "nothing will change" in regards to net

This is "true" for most of typical end users products - but not for higher class ones requiring more reliability etc.. And the resulting quality change (loss) over time for such users are not a result of changings in their "parts" of the access and gateway networks.

Additional: "net neutrality" was still not consequently implemented on many levels of many Internet and access networks, as many ISPs still do want to make their products less good then before and loose customers to others which are not so far with their implementation. 

But the last is only a question of time and peoples vs competitors complaining officially against "antineutral" scenarios they find and can prove...

The net worked perfectly since decades by self regulatory without any governmental intrusion for (so called) "net neutrality" in the last monthes. This was a product by naive political peoples without and knowledge about the real structures of the net and bis immune systems...

just my two...


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