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wscons colors and outdated guide

In this chapter of `The NetBSD guide':

(subsection it is stated that

``Starting from NetBSD 3.0 [...] All of these details can be changed
either from kernel options or through the wsconsctl(8) utility; the
latter may be preferable if you don't want to compile your own kernel,
as the default options in GENERIC are suitable to get this tip

This is actually not true. While trying to set the msg.kernel.fg, for
example, I kept getting the `no kernel support' error. After a quick
discussion on IRC, I was suggested that the kernel configuration option


and that it was not in the current amd64 GENERIC configuration file. Not
only it's not active, but it's not even present. It is instead in the
GENERIC file for i386 architecture.

Either the guide page needs a clarification, or the amd64 GENERIC
configuration file must be updated.

After compiling an amd64 -current kernel including the option, I was
able to configure the colors as suggested in the guide.
Here you can find attached the amd64 GENERIC configuration file where
the *whole* section `wscons options' has been merged with the same
section in i386: there were a dozen lines (most of them are comments)
missing. The original amd64 GENERIC was updated this morning. It worked
for me and I suggest to use this merge, instead of only including the

I also activated (like in i386) the 


but it didn't have effect: 

# wsconsctl -d border
wsconsctl: border: no kernel support

Maybe I selected it the wrong way with `wsconsctl'?


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