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Re: Installing NetBSD (8.0_BETA) on GPT disk and EFI

s:/etc/fdisk:/etc/fstab:   # ;^]

On Sun, 3 Dec 2017 at 09:31 Petar Bogdanovic <> wrote:
On Sun, Dec 03, 2017 at 02:21:31AM +0200, Iliyan Stoyanov wrote:
> I decided to abandon the use of the installer and just drop to a shell and
> proceed by hand. I use gpt to create a 512MB efi partition, and then proceed to
> create a swap one, and 3 more FFS partitions. When I try to use those in the
> installer, I always reach some errors and can not move forward with the
> installation of the sets. If I try to use the partitioning tool from the menu I
> always end up loosing the EFI partition, which I wan't there, no matter if I'm
> gonna use it or not. After creating the partitions in the console, dkctl shows
> the wedges properly, I create FS on them with newfs, but in the end, even if I
> chose to use current partition table, the installer doesn't like it and I can't
> install NetBSD successfully.

If you already did all the partitioning manually, you could also just
`tar xpzf' the sets and adjust /etc/rc.conf & /etc/fdisk.

Last two steps would then be `installboot' and `gpt biosboot'.

I was migrating the rootfs of a netbsd-6 box yesterday; here are the
gpt, dkctl, newfs, installboot steps I did:

  $ sudo gpt show wd0
          start       size  index  contents
              0  976773168

  $ sudo gpt create wd0

  $ sudo gpt show wd0
          start       size  index  contents
              0          1         PMBR
              1          1         Pri GPT header
              2         32         Pri GPT table
             34  976773101
      976773135         32         Sec GPT table
      976773167          1         Sec GPT header

  $ sudo gpt add -b 2048 -t ffs wd0
    Partition added, use:
            dkctl wd0 addwedge <wedgename> 2048 976771087 <type>
    to create a wedge for it

  $ sudo gpt label -i 1 -l netbsd-root wd0
    partition 1 on rwd0d labeled netbsd-root

  $ sudo gpt show wd0
          start       size  index  contents
              0          1         PMBR
              1          1         Pri GPT header
              2         32         Pri GPT table
             34       2014
           2048  976771087      1  GPT part - NetBSD FFSv1/FFSv2
      976773135         32         Sec GPT table
      976773167          1         Sec GPT header

  $ sudo dkctl wd0 addwedge netbsd-root 2048 976771087 ffs
    dk4 created successfully.

  $ sudo newfs -O2 /dev/rdk4
    /dev/rdk4: 476939.0MB (976771080 sectors) block size 32768, fragment size 4096
            using 643 cylinder groups of 741.75MB, 23736 blks, 46848 inodes.
    super-block backups (for fsck_ffs -b #) at:
    192, 1519296, 3038400, 4557504, 6076608, 7595712, 9114816, 10633920, (...)

  $ sudo installboot -v -o console=com0,speed=115200,timeout=5 /dev/dk4 /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv2
    File system:         /dev/dk4
    Primary bootstrap:   /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv2
    Ignoring PBR with invalid magic in sector 0 of `/dev/dk4'
    Boot options:        timeout 5, flags 0, speed 115200, ioaddr 0, console com0

  $ sudo gpt biosboot -c /usr/mdec/gptmbr.bin -i 1 wd0

/etc/fdisk would then contain something like:

    NAME=netbsd-root / ffs rw 0 1

Hope that helps,

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