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Re: Ged USB VID/PID from the scsi device name

> ("Samorukov,Alexey") writes:
>> Is it possible to get info about parent device type/bus using some IOCTL or its not exposed to the userland? 
> The SCSI driver doesn't expose to what backend it is attached to.
> You could query autoconfig using 'drvctl' to find out about the
> device hierarchy, but that obviously relies on driver internals
> that may change.
> I wonder why smartmontools even needs to know wether the SCSI device
> is umass or something else ? Any information about the disk should
> be accessible by SCSI commands.

Thank you for reply, i will take a look. Obviously SCSI commands are not exposing all information. Let me explain.

When you connecting USB->SATA adapter (or portable usb disk, what is the same) there are number of protocols to tunnel ATA (and smart) information. Most used is SAT, but many using own protocols, e.g. jmicron, sunplus or cypress. Also some devices supports SAT-12 only and others (most) - SAT-16. Some bridges are not exposing this data at all.

Smartmontools maintains database with usb vid/pid + fw version to find the best match. 

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