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Re: NetBSD's Blog Unreachable

Hello Yass,

Yass Amed writes:
> [...]
> It seems that NetBSD's Blog (under "Community" menu item) is unreachable.
> The link points to a 'dead' server at instead of the
> previous (still working) server
> [...]

Nice catch! I have just changed the `Community -> Blogs' entry in
navbar to just `Community -> Blog' and changed the anchor to instead of as you've proposed.

I think that actually isn't "dead" but just had some
problems in the latest weeks, probably Kim will shed some light!
(it's a nice resource for NetBSD related news and it's still linked
in `NetBSD Gallery' page, at least, under `News about NetBSD and
the *BSDs in general' section).

Thank you very much for reporting that!

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