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Re: NetBSD-8 and graphics cards

On Sat, 11 Nov 2017 02:55:17 +0000 wrote:

> quadro:
> Did you update Xorg to netbsd-8 too? older netbsd Xorg lacks a nouveau
> Xorg driver.
This was a fresh install (i.e. not upgrade) of daily build of NetBSD-8.
I used Xorg that came with the NetBSD ISO image. Are you saying this
Xorg is too old and I need to build Xorg from pkgsrc? If yes, then I
can definitely try that.

> gt710: probably just too new. but would be interesting to see the
> panic backtrace
OK I'll get that at some point, but the error message was something like
"no console available" if I remember correctly.

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