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NPF on raspberry pi 2

Hello everybody!

I try to use NPF with NetBSD 7 on a raspberry pi 2. I am facing the following error:

myserver# npfctl validate
npfctl: cannot open '/dev/npf': Device not configured

My configuration file is the following:
myserver# cat /etc/npf.conf
$lan_net = { }
$vpn_net = { }

group "external" on $ext_if {
  pass stateful out final all

  pass stateful in final family inet4 proto tcp to $ext_if port ssh
  pass in final block

Does anybody know if npf is usable on a raspberry pi 2 with the default kernel? The only thing I made is to add "npf=yes" on my rc.conf. Do I have to load kernel module?

Thanks a lot for your help

Have a good day and good year 2016


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