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Re: Learning the UNIX Operating System - NetBSD Edition

While you are at it,
why not try ? They have live netbsd images
for usb and cd.


On 12/17/15, mike <> wrote:
> I suggest you to try Frenzy first - a freebsd based livecd, very friendly
> and easy to use
> 17.12.2015, 06:02, "Joseph" <>:
>>  Hi,
>>  Here - - I was
>> recommended by Herb to first go through the book, 'Learning the UNIX
>> Operating System' (O'Reilly). The last, 5th edition (2001) talks about
>> someone from the organization will set me up with a UNIX environment - I
>> guess that will be you.
>>  Flipping through the table of contents, I guess my best bet would be a
>> live system with X (remember, I was recommended 'Learning the UNIX
>> Operating System' before myself installing BSD myself).
>>  Flipping through the mailing list archives, there has been requests for
>> live systems before, for similar, educational, purposes. I'm not sure
>> what's the conclusion now, what NetBSD live system can you honestly
>> recommend, if any? Or, alternatively, what FreeBSD live system? OpenBSD? I
>> guess switching from the other BSD live system to installing NetBSD core
>> might not overly confuse me, so I can manage such a transition.
>>  Alternatively, feel free to recommend perhaps a more up to date book in a
>> different style, which was presumably not written in a language to folks
>> who 'have to' deal with UNIX, 'in the organization.' (Browsing Amazon
>> introduced me to 'The UNIX Hater's Handbook' as well; at least I
>> understand this might have been a thing in 1994) I really like No Starch
>> Press for geek entertainment, but presumably they don't see a business in
>> a general UNIX book. Their similar title, 'How Linux works' (2nd edition,
>> 2014), might not be 'UNIX-like' enough for my purposes.
>>  Thanks for your help!

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