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Re: support for file systems larger than 2tb

On Dec 6, 11:18pm, wrote:
} > >Hi, does NetBSD support files systems on really really really big disks 
} > >(like 2TB).  How about a 24TB disk? Can NetBSD deal with that?
} > 
} > Yes. Like this:
} > 
} > Filesystem                Size       Used      Avail %Cap Mounted on
} > /dev/mapper/vg0-big       9.8T        64M       9.4T   0% /mnt
} Cool, is that a hardware raid?  NetBSD is calling my raid ld1 but only 
} sees 2TB of the 24TB presented.  Is that something I can see by you 
} running the 'df' command? 

     Uh, that is the easily recognisable output of df.

} Also I've ready this this bullet list of kludges:

     Those are not kludges.

}-- End of excerpt from

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