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At Wed, 25 Nov 2015 10:00:00 +0000 (UTC) I had a cron job run:

for tz in America/Los_Angeles America/Chicago America/New_York \
    Asia/Tokyo Europe/Berlin ; do
TZ=$tz date -d "Wednesday 22:00utc" +"%A %B %d %I:%M %p %z %Z ${tz}"  ; 

This resulted in:

Wednesday November 25 12:00 PM -0800 PST America/Los_Angeles
Wednesday November 25 02:00 PM -0600 CST America/Chicago
Wednesday November 25 03:00 PM -0500 EST America/New_York
Wednesday December 02 05:00 AM +0900 JST Asia/Tokyo
Wednesday November 25 09:00 PM +0100 CET Europe/Berlin

Notice the December 02 above.

An easy workaround is to also add today's date to the -d parsedate 
string above.

Is this expected behavior? Undefined? A bug?

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