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Re: Wine on NetBSD amd64

from Adrian Fernandes:

> I used Wine for a long time on GNU/Linux and, after going to NetBSD, I just heard that Wine is not supported on the amd64 kernel.
> I hope someone will soon make this possible :) There must be a lot of users waiting for Wine to be officially supported (I want to maintain it up to date but useless if no one can use it...)

> Guys ! Make it happen !

I looked in pkgsrc/emulators, and wine-devel supports i386 and amd64.  I believe support for amd64 is in a much less advanced stage of development than for i386.

I built wine-devel for both i386 amd amd64 on NetBSD-current (7.99.15), tried on i386, and was not really satisfied.

I could not navigate well, did nothing fancy, but got a crash and unclean reboot (meaning file systems were not cleanly dismounted).


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