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Re: How does one switch between acpiout?

On Nov 17,  1:13pm, Swift Griggs wrote:
} On Tue, 17 Nov 2015, John Klos wrote:
} >> man xrandr. Also read this:
} >>
} > That's for X and doesn't handle anything which has to do with the console 
} > output.
} Ah, sorry about that. I didn't pay close enough attention. I assume you 
} are looking for something akin to 'fbset' on Linux for NetBSD. AFAIK, 
} there is no such beast.
} Just poking around in acpi_display.c around line 1094 it looks like that's 
} the only reference to the "bios_switch" flag. It's likely that the feature 
} isn't fully implemented, but I don't know my way around that code well 
} enough to say for sure. Right now, it just looks like the flag is 
} available as a sysctl, but isn't really being honored. The 
} sysctl_createv() just makes the entry, but no corresponding 
} sysctl_lookup(), sysctl_query(), or sysctl_locate() to go with it anywhere 
} that I can see. There are a zillion things I could have missed, though.

     Just quickly (this is from -current):
This sets up a function to be called whenever the value is changed:
In other words, it is fully implemented, at least in -current.

}-- End of excerpt from Swift Griggs

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