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How does one switch between acpiout?


I have a Sony laptop on which I want to run NetBSD 7/amd64. NetBSD 6 boots fine, but NetBSD 7 defaults to acpiout0, which appears to be the VGA output, instead of acpiout1, which is the laptop's LCD screen. How do I switch between those outputs?

acpivga0 at acpi0 (GFX0): ACPI Display Adapter
acpiout0 at acpivga0 (DD01, 0x0100): ACPI Display Output Device
acpiout1 at acpivga0 (DD02, 0x0410): ACPI Display Output Device
acpivga0: connected output devices:
acpivga0:   0x0100 (acpiout0): VGA Analog Monitor, index 0, port 0, head 0, bios detect
acpivga0:   0x0400 (acpiout1): Int. Digital Flat Panel, index 0, port 0, head 0, bios detect


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