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Re: NetBSD as first introduction to BSD and generic book recommendation on basic Unix concepts to le

herb langhans wrote:
> you come from the Windows world. If you want to
> start with the Unix basics, try something short
> like O'Reilly - Learning the Unix Operating
> System (about 170 pages).

Thank you for the recommendations, re book, etc!

Oh, let me not forget! Do you - anybody - know of a good MOOC (Massive Open Online Course, oh actually there is a website called that as well: ) covering the same topic, basic Unix concepts? I prefer the MOOC format if available; it's 2015 already.

I have found these so far along the lines:

Not sure if any of them is a perfect match for me.

Brett Lymn wrote:
>> Ps. This list uses Majordomo, which does not
>> support vacation hold mail:
>> /does-majordomo-support-no-mail-delivery-
>> subscription So why?
> A fairly odd question considering you are using a
> disposable mail account.

What else to do for Majordomo?

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