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Re: NetBSD as first introduction to BSD and generic book recommendation on basic Unix concepts to learn?

    From: Joseph <> [151106 00:22]
    Hi there,
    I am new here. I'm interested in BSD in general,

Hi Joseph,
you come from the Windows world. If you want to start with the Unix
basics, try something short like O'Reilly - Learning the Unix Operating
System (about 170 pages).

You have to get an idea of the Unix concept, the big books for system
administration wont help much (unless you want to spend plenty of time
try making sense of a 900 page thing).

And get comfortable with a text editor like nano, emacs or vi (latter is
a little hard to get used to). You will work with lots of text files for
settings). And get comfortable with the Unix filesystem (hierarchy). But
you will find all this in the book.

And then you can skip straight to the NetBSD-Doku. Its well written, you
will like it.

herb langhans

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