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apm alternative on amd64, to check battery level

I recently switched from 7.0 i386 to amd64.

#uname -a
NetBSD laptop 7.0 NetBSD 7.0 (MYKERNEL) #0: Wed Nov  4 20:53:55 IST 2015
root@laptop:/usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/compile/MYKERNEL amd64 x86_64 Intel
686-class NetBSD

I used to use apm command to check battery level of laptop.

Now apm says:

apm: cannot contact APM daemon and cannot open /dev/apm: Device not

Following page gives an impression that there won't be apm on amd64:

However following page doesn't describe alternatives like powerd

What command / tool can I use on amd64 to know the battery level?


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