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Re: Poor man's solution to /etc when upgrading system?

On 2015-11-03 14:14, Greg Troxel wrote:

(What is etcmanage? Different from etcupdate?)

Yes.  It aims to be fully automatic and to never change a human-changed
file.  See pkgsrc/sysutils/etcmanage, unpack and read the README.

etcupdate asks the user many questions, and was in my experience
unsuitable for unattended upgrades of 20 machines.

So how do etcmanage deal with human modified fails. Just leaves them alone? For, that is one of the good points of etcupdate, however I recognize that it requires manual work. But files that I have modified in /etc are also sometimes updates in the distribution, and I want some kind of merging of those changes sometimes.


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