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Re: USB to SPDIF converters on NetBSD 6.1.4

> On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 04:41:18PM +0100, Micha? St?pie? wrote:
>> The problem is that uaudio does not support async devices. Some
>> converters are adaptive or isync or async. Async are the best.
> Oh, that makes sense - we should add support ;-)
> Martin


Here is a description from Peachtree Audio X1 USB to SPDIF Converter about
Asynchronous USB:

     Asynchronous USB

     Asynchronous communication keeps digital distortion ? timing
     errors known as jitter ? at bay by not relying on the audio clock
     in the computer. This internal clock can get thrown off time by
     the thousands of processes running in your operating system?s
     background. With asynchronous USB, the precision audio clock
     in the X1 takes control of the flow of data coming from the
     computer, resulting in significantly lower incoming jitter and
     superior sound quality. Asynchronous benefits all of your digital
     music files ? from MP3 to 24/192 high-res. If you don?t have an
     ESS Sabre based DAC, we highly recommend using
     asynchronous USB.

The description is from:

Where you have to press the Design button on the website to see it.

I hope there is interest in supporting this.

Best regards

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