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Emacs without X - eww missing libxml2


I wanted to try out the new Emacs 24.4 so I compiled it from source
yesterday on a NetBSD 7 system which does not have X installed.

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --without-gif --without-tiff
$ make
# make install

Emacs works fine, with one exception: I cannot visit websites in the
new integrated browser, eww. Visiting any website gives me the following

"error in process filter: This function requires Emacs to be compiled
with libxml2"

I had earlier installed xmlcatmgr-2.2 and libxml2-2.9.2 libraries (to
/usr/lib), but «ldd /usr/bin/emacs» shows no reference to libxml2.

Should I expect eww to work in a NetBSD system without X? According to the only dependency libxml2 has is xmlcatmgr.

Gerard Lally

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