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Re: amd64 : 6.1.5 : obj-c learning : what to install?


Mayuresh Kathe wrote:

i finally got the obj-c book by "brad cox".

what are the bare minimum packages needed to start off with
learning obj-c under netbsd 6.1.5 (amd64)?
gcc with obj-c support and your favourite editor (emacs has a good obj-c support).

Or if you want modern 2.0 stuff you need either a very modern gcc or directly clang which has an edge there.

And if you want to do graphics apps, well then get to know GNUstep! Cocoa for the opensource world :) So you can have ProjectCenter (a new release just got out today) write makefiles for you and Gorm to design the interface.

Depends on your goals and your tastes, that's all.


PS: being a GNUstep core developer makes me a bit biased, but well....

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