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Re: Network redundancy (Linux bonding/Solaris IPMP)

On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 11:13 AM, Manuel Bouyer
<> wrote:
> It does with LACP, I don't know if the link status is considered when
> in round-robin mode.
> Anyway if I had to setup something like that I'd use bridge with
> spanning-tree to select the best path. This way you get failover for
> more cases than just the local link failure.

With Spanning-tree method, in my company network people use enhaced
SPT protocols (mainly Cisco SPT protocols that converge more faster,
etc.--), and I think that hey won't be compatible (they have denied in
the past to connect not Cisco switches to switching infraestructure
because of this).

¿Is there some performance degradation using this bridge configuration
over the case of no bridge setup?

With IPMP and bonding you can use link failure test, but you can use
more advanced methods:
1- Solaris IPMP can use configure a test address in every interface. I
think that does pings to address that you can configure or , that it
extracts from the network.
2- Linux Bonding can uses basic link monitoring (miimon) or arp
monitoring configuring one(several) target(s).

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