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Re: Network redundancy (Linux bonding/Solaris IPMP) (Manuel Bouyer) writes:

>On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 10:12:24AM +0200, Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia wrote:

>> How does link1 mode work?. Is it active/passive? Does it work using
>> the link status of the ehternet connections? If this is the way it
>> works, it is ok for my setup.

>Ho does other OSes decide which link to use in such a setup ?
>At first glance I'd say that if you want to have the same behavior as
>linux bond, you'd need both link0 and link1.

The most simple mode is an active/passive failover. The active link is
used for sending and only when it fails(*) the other link is used.

(*) Failure is detected either by looking at the carrier status or by
sending arp probes to a configured peer.

agr(4) doesn't seem to support this. Packets are distributed over all
links, either round-robin or by selecting a link based on a hash of
the packet.

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