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Re: netbsd random reboot

In article <>,
el kalin  <> wrote:
>hi all...
>i have a netbsd 6 on ec2 (aws - amazon web services) like:
>NetBSD  6.0 NetBSD 6.0 (XEN3_DOMU) amd64
>every now and then - usually early morning between 3 and 4 am - the machine
>reboots itself and there is no other indication why except the below long
>string of garbage in the email logâ?¦
>my guess is that for whatever reason part of the actual incoming message is
>somehow intended to be written to the log file. i did try to look at the
>base64 encoded string after all the ^@s but it's not text.
>the machine uses default postfix setup and the mail is routed trough
>procmail for certain addresses.
>this used to happened more often before i made the ec2 instance bigger. now
>it's m1.large and apparently it's still happening from time to time. before
>i made it bigger the log wasn't containing any base64 string. i remember
>seeng the ^@s but not the string...
>any ideas of what that might be?!

Do you have DDB in your kernel? Is there anything in the messages file?
Can you run vmstat 1 in a window, and see what happens?


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