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Re: postinstall needed after etcmanage?

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> In the NetBSD Guide, section 33.4.3, "Using etcmanage instead of
> etcupdate" [1], it says that to use etcmanage instead of etcupdate,
> one should run postinstall after running etcmanage.  Is this still
> true?  INSTALL-NetBSD from (pkgsrc) sysutils/etcmanage (version 0.8.2)
> runs etcmanage but does not run postinstall, so I'm wondering whether I
> should run postinstall after running INSTALL-NetBSD (as well as for the
> case of running etcmanage by hand).
> [1]

I was not really aware that this was described in the official guide.
But, the description is off, because it doesn't explain about the
--update argument or unpacking the new etc sets.

Basically, there are different philosophies about handling files in etc,
and this gives rise to the different tools.   In particular, etcmanage
leaves files alone rather than updates them when they have been modified
locally.  And, etcmanage does not prompt to make changes, ever - this is
important when running it as part of automated upgrades.

After I update with etcmanage, I often run "postinstall check", and then
sometimes "postinstall fix" after deciding that everything it wants to
fix is ok.  Mostly what postinstall wants to fix are removing obsolete
files and adding new uid/gid entries.

Perhaps INSTALL-NetBSD should run "postinstall check".

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