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Need advice about Asterisk on NetBSD


I am stuck and can't make a decision. I have two Sun v240 boxes and
wish to use them somehow. My idea was to install NetBSD on both and
run asterisk, making them a failover corporate PBX.

Trying to use NetBSD-6.1-STABLE at the moment of 6.1.3 and Asterisk
11.5 failed for following reasons:

1. This setup don't allow good solution for conferences: meetme
demand DAHDI, which is not working, ConfBridge take 100% CPU,
app_konference (which was working for us on amd64) has lack of
sparc64 code.

2. Asterisk behaviour was a horror under heavy load - it dropped
calls and even disappeared silently, we had to have console running
to look at it every second.

Then I installed FreeBSD on second box and it succeeded. PBX is now
working for long time and have full set of features. However, it is
not a good option for me to use FreeBSD generally and I have two

1. I can try to build setup as planned but I need a good support 
channel with port maintainer, which is interested in my experience.

2. I have to state that good PBX cannot build on NetBSD/sparc64
and forget it.

If there are people using asterisk/NetBSD in production - can you
help me to choose?

Sincerely yours

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