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Re: raidframe - a configf question

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 01:34:22PM -0400, yancm%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:
> I've already reconfigured wd0 as a raid disk, installed bootblocks with -t
> raid and verified I can use it in the array manually.
> But I think I'd like to add wd0 into raid0 as a hot spare.
> I can do this interactively, but it is not persistent.

For the "not persistent" part of your question, see raidctl(8):

     -A yes dev
             Make the RAID set auto-configurable.  The RAID set will be
             automatically configured at boot before the root file system is
             mounted.  Note that all components of the set must be of type
             RAID in the disklabel.

(and other parameters if you want to boot from it as a root partition)



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