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Re: Apache stops listening

On August 15, 2014 10:17:37 AM CDT, Al <> 
>It fails about every 20-30 minutes. With Apache listening on  
> apache would stop working all together. Everything all  
>requests in the log would be Connection reset by peer. Restarting  
>apache would fix the problem for about 20-30 minutes and then it  
>would need to be restarted again. I changed it so that I put in the 4  
>IPs now I think I am only getting the failure every 20-30 minutes on  
>one IP (the main IP for that webserver). Once again restarting apache  
>seems to fix the problem for 20-30 minutes. I should also note that I  
>am running NetBSD 5.2. I hope that someone has some ideas.

When it fails, is it *all* connections, even ones from localhost?  (I.e. 
through lynx, curl, wget or even just telnet)


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