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Re: Nonreadable (?) DVD and strange console message

> Can you confirm that the DVD is readable in _any_ drive? Not just the ones 
> with
> your FreeBSD and NetBSD systems?

> Are you sure you want /dev/cd0a instead of /dev/cd0d?

> Can you confirm that the data on the DVD isn't garbage? Here's a slightly 
> crazy
> idea: use dd(1) to copy the data from /dev/rcd0a into a disk image, then mount
> it with the help of vnconfig(8). You can also run file(1) on the disk image 
> and
> see what it thinks it is.

> In my experience, Seagate often does silly stuff, like hiding things. For
> example, my "fresh-out-of-the-box" 1TB hard disk from them actually had a 
> bunch
> of dotfiles and $hidden-Windows$ stuff on it. So it's worth running "ls -a" in
> addition to "ls" as you mentioned. Seagate probably doesn't want you to 
> consume
> its data in "irregular" ways, like using NetBSD ;)


I still wonder what that message means:

CD mmc 16, mmc_cur 0x80, mmc_cap 0xd3b

I tried mounting /dev/cd0d instead of /dev/cd0a, same result.

ls -a showed

.  ..

so something had to be there, albeit well-hidden.

I suspect the DVD might be defective, or maybe put together in the wrong way.

I intend to try the DVD with the System Rescue CD (Linux) 4.3.0 (the latest) 
and Haiku R1Alpha4.  Maybe even FreeDOS, though that could fail to read a good 
CD or DVD.

I also have a Seagate 4 TB hard drive, NAS model but used as regular internal 
SATA hard drive.

So far so good;  I partitioned with Rod Smith's gdisk, installed from FreeBSD 
ports, not available for NetBSD.

Now to update, I tried to read the DVD with the System Rescue CD (Linux) 4.3.0 
and Haiku R1Alpha4, and was successful with both.

It looks like NetBSD and FreeBSD developers have some work to do with 
iso9660/cd9660 file system support.

I intend to post this result on emailing 

John D. Baker suggests trying 'mount -t udf ..."

I tried that in FreeBSD, but no good.

Main directory of the DVD, in Linux (System Rescue CD) showed as

Rally Driver Installation Instructions
Seagate EULA
Seagate NAS Backup
Seagate NAS Discovery
Seagate NAS Discovery Install Package
Seagate Privacy Policy
Windows Driver


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