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amd64 crash dump help? (job posting)

Hi All,

 This is basically a job posting. Since netbsd-jobs has been eliminated
this seems like the best place to start. I'll gladly accept polite
suggestions as to better locations to post if you feel that there is a
more appropriate venue.

 I'm looking for someone who can give us a few hours a week helping to
diagnose and fix some issues in the NetBSD kernel core dump/savecore
infrastructure. This seems to have gone wonky for us since we switched
from i386 to amd64. We could also use similar help in tracking down issues
observed in the userland core dumps.

 Please send me an email if you have experience in these areas and you'd
be interested in doing some contract work for us.

        Bill Kish
        Alpha Coyote
        Coyote Point Systems, Inc

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