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Re: LD_PRELOAD and mixed architectures

On 6/23/2014 2:56 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
Dave Vitek <> writes:

Looks like things loaded due to LD_PRELOAD don't search /emul.  Here
is a short experiment:

$ echo "int main(){ return 0; }" > nop.c
$ gcc -m32 nop.c -o nop
$ LD_PRELOAD=app/lib64/ ./nop
app/lib64/ unrecognized file format2 [2 != 1]
$ LD_PRELOAD=app/lib/ ./nop
$ ls /emul/netbsd32/
$ ./nop
Cannot open ""
$ gcc -m64 nop.c -o nop
$ ./nop
Cannot open ""

It occurs to me that linux emulation processes may have similar challenges.

There is an existing problem report here:

Relevant code from ld.so_elf confirms that it just does a straight up
open() of the values in the environment variable and doesn't search

   You are showing something looking for app/lib/, and then
   failing to find it as  That's not a surprise.

   I suggest first using absolute paths for libraries.  That's the normal
   case and more likely to work. doesn't do any searching.   The process of looking in
   /emul/netbsd32 is built into namei and thus works at the system call

   Use ktrace to see what's happening with system calls.
Thanks Greg; it works. I hadn't appreciated what directory structure was needed under /emul. I'd still love to find a way that doesn't require superuser, but this may be good enough for now.

- Dave

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