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Re: specs for a netbsd build system?

Mayuresh Kathe wrote:
> i would be going for a new machine, primarily with the intent of
> custom building netbsd for a particular tinkering project.
> i have no idea about what kind of hardware would be required for
> performing an entire netbsd build within acceptable time-frames,
> say 1 hour (without x win).
> may i please get advice on rough specifications for the same?
> stuff like;
> 1. preferable processor (intel! amd!),
> 2. processing power (clock rate, number of cores, cache, etc),
> 3. memory (size and type),
> 4. hard disk (space and type),
> i have a budget of around us$600.

I'm building on a two-year-old Intel Core i5-2500 quad-core machine
with 16 GB RAM, with the source, object, and tools directories on
tmpfs.  I just did a full release build with the command -j 6 -D /tmp/bracket/build/2014. -R 
/bracket/amd64/test/2014. -T 
/tmp/bracket/build/2014. -O 
/tmp/bracket/build/2014. -m amd64 -U release iso-image

and it took about 40 minutes:

    2433.35 real      6561.26 user      1435.98 sys

I think pretty much any recent quad-core Intel desktop or server CPU
should meet your requirement provided you don't build on a hard
disk - either get enough RAM to build on tmpfs, or get an SSD.

Andreas Gustafsson,

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